Coda on the Moon! πŸŒ– Launched: the Moon Pack

I have recently published a Pack - along with its companion doc - that displays useful lunar information:
Coda on the Moon.

:new_moon: :waxing_crescent_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :full_moon: :waning_gibbous_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: :new_moon:

It’s just its first release and I already have a list of improvements to do, but I’d be happy to hear your suggestions and/or use cases.

Enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Oh nice :grin: !
I’m going to test this as soon I’ve got more time to do so :grin: !

I created a doc few weeks back, out of curiosity, to store and play around with astronomical events/ephemeris (moon datas included)… Mostly to try and get a somewhat carpet plot where I could see how the duration of night, twilights and daylight evolves over the year :blush: .

So I’m pretty sure your Pack will be pretty helpful when I’ll get back to that doc :blush: !

Thank you very much for sharing @Federico.Stefanato :raised_hands: !


OMG, @Pch , this is insanely cool!! :heart_eyes:
If you’re willing to publish it, I’m sure many would appreciate (me among them).


Oh my :blush: ! Thank you :grin: :star: !

I honestly thought about it but sadly, it would be useful in its actual state :pensive: …

All the datas I used where entered manually for my location as I didn’t had the time to really look at the math needed to calculate the various starts and ends of each astronomical events :pensive: …
But I do hope to get there though :wink: … or it could also be an idea for you to explore to complement your Moon Pack :wink: !


I’d love to!
Let me know!