Code Block Syntax Highlighting

Why voting has been disabled here?
I am sure it would go up very quickly if people could vote

Thanks for enabling it back!

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Yeah, I really hope this gets added soon. It’s the one thing I really miss from other note taking apps.

Really need this! Any update on potential timeline for syntax highlighting? Thanks :slight_smile:

+1, this together with european date format would be really nice.

Are there ANY news about this? I alway make additional screenshots of code snippets as otherwise they are simply unreadable.

I use Coda only for one project now, and that turns me off so much that I can’t move over and use it for more projects. It rather moves me away unfortunately.

Hi all, at this time, our last update from @Andrew_Stinger still stands:


I’m trying to understand why this doesn’t have more votes? Are there really that few people that want syntax highlighting?


i voted for this, but it is very far from the top of my coda-issues list

i think the vast majority of coda makers are dealing with regular text and numbers in their documents and tables.

the number of users who are including programming code in their documents is, i suspect, quite small

and i am MUCH more interested in seeing the coda engineers deploy their scarce resources to fix other issues.

for code blocks, my main issue is the way rich-text formatting is still applied. for example, there are at least different 6 quotation-mark charecters being used to replace " and ’ characters… which makes a nonsense of the code i enter! fixing THAT is more important to me than syntax highlighting.

so we all have different priorities, i guess.



@Ned_Smith1 , @Xyzor_Max

I would love to see better code related functionalities, all power users do. It would save me quite a bit of time. However my clients don’t care , they want to see solutions for their organisational problems like intelligently locking (parts of) tables, Rows Columns, they care about security, they wonder why print to PDF is set up as it is, just to mention a few. Some organisations put Coda on hold.

Just my two cents, Christiaan


I agree with @Christiaan_Huizer and @Xyzor_Max - there are more pressing needs for most users, like preventing loss of data either intentionally or accidentally, along with other general workflow improvements like w/ cross doc, workspace organization, being able to iterate doc users, etc

Good thing Coda has a big team however so perhaps we can get attention on both. :slight_smile:

On the UI side, I would like to see a general UX improvement on how editing input works. Coda behaves in a very non-standard way in certain input contexts.

  1. The formula editor places the cursor in very nonstandard places compared to code editors (pick any), and autofill also behaves in nonstandard ways.
  2. It’s also very laggy.
  3. Text editors also acts very non-standard, e.g.
    • trying to make bulleted list on a text row without expanding it is very difficult (or doing anything more than a single line) and just feels buggy even though I think it is intentional.
    • Getting the cursor to appear after a table or before a table is tricky, now it might be no longer possible at all in the new editor.

These non-standard and (cumbersome? :open_mouth: ) behaviors break mental flow a lot.

Just want to add that I’ve had a few critical posts lately but I love Coda! Just trying to help improve it.


Tables and lists are (correctly) block elements, not inline elements. A block element takes up the entire available width of the page or layout column, so it cannot exist in a line of text.

The new editor shows the direction in which (fortunately) Coda is going. With a table, a cursor is no longer needed, since it is sufficient to select the table (blue border appears) and press Enter to create a new block after it (a paragraph block by default).

Nevertheless, the cursor can be moved through the whole page using the arrow keys.