Column heading aliases for views?

I have a headings called 'Adam (work) and 'Adam (event). I want to show each of them in different views as just ‘Adam’. Is there a way?

@Senthil_Seveelavananan you can accomplish this by creating a new Column [Adam] and set it =[Adam (work)] or =[Adam (event)]

Cheers, but in the same table I want two aliases called Adam

If there was way to make a visual table (not a database table), I could label the headings as I please, and use formulas to reference the data I want

I’m not sure what you are trying to do … you want two columns in the same table with different values but the same name?

Dear @Senthil_Seveelavananan,

As far as I can understand you are looking to draw a table and in the cells referencing data from your coda doc. Exactly in this way, it’s not possible :frowning_face:

Depending on your needs / use case, there are some ways to “simulate” something by using views from a table that contain the info you want to display and hide the table name and column headers (orange)

In the picture above I have a sample and above the former column [Adam (work)] I wrote Overview (green)

So to be super clear:
I have single a table that

  1. tracks attendance of some people
  2. tracks number of free hours of those same people

Which for just one person, my table looks like this
Adam (Attendance) | Adam (Free Time)

I want two different views, where the qualifiers in brackets (e.g. Attendance) would be visually hidden.

H1: Attendance
Adam | …
[value Adam (Attendance)] | …

H1: Free Time
Adam | …
[value for Adam (Free Time)] | …

I get I could probably model this, with ‘Attendance’ and ‘Free Time’ as seperate tables. But curious if it could be done with a single table, elegantly

You can try making two columns, and using whitespace characters (basically blank characters) for titling each column. Each column will link to one of the Adam columns. The name of these two columns would both appear as “Adam”, but you can select which one comes in which view. Don’t know if this was what you meant, but hope it helps in some way

@Senthil_Seveelavananan I don’t have a solution for you but I just want to confirm I understand what you’re looking for, because I believe I’m looking for the same thing.

In short, it’s not too clear what of a view is unique to it, vs shared with the source table.

If the point of a view is to view the same data differently in different places, it makes sense to potentially want to refer to the columns differently in that context, a la SQL aliases, or apply different sorting or conditional formatting.

In Google’s Data Studio, for example, they provide the ability to change the metric or dimension name per component (which is essentially just a view):

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 4.22.41 PM

It makes complete sense to me that when working with a view, the column name should be editable, with a reference to the original source table’s column name. Like the above, the metric might be called “Record Count” but that’s not what I want to convey in context.

Hi @Senthil_Seveelavananan,

This is my guess at a schema that might work well for you. This will also make sure you reference the same person every time as well as the type of time you want to filter by. This might make everything else down the line a little easier to work with…