Combine data from various space/doc using cross-doc that shares a reference table and be able to filter data using the original reference table

hi everyone!

I’m working in various spaces (or doc):
Space 1 contains all data related to Product 1.
Space 2 contains all data related to Product 2.
Common Space contains data that is used by both Space 1 and 2. (ex: Release schedule information)

The only way for me to pull Release schedule information in Space 1 and 2 is using the cross-doc pack referencing from Common space which is great.

Now, I have another space, the Stakeholders space who wants to get a wholistic view of various products. So I pull in information from Space 1 and 2 using cross-doc into this space.

Now when I try to combine data into a table in the Stakeholders space, it’s unable to pull release schedule information nor reference it from Common space so that I can use it as filter to this table with combined data.

Did I start with the right approach? How do you go about addressing this challenge?

Thank you so much!

Hi @candyspecs

My first question would be why so many docs?

My rule of thumb is to have a single document, unless it is absolutely necessary to split, typically because of authorisation reasons.

And then, in that document, have as much as possible in a single table, and only split when really necessary.

Different people have different design philosophies, but this has worked well for me.

Hi @Piet_Strydom

I understand and I feel like this will work if they’re in a single doc/space.

However, in our setup, I have different groups of people working on different products and they don’t access/interact with each other.


Do they

  • Not interact with each other, or
  • Are they not allowed to ee each other’s work for confidentiality reasons?


Hi @Piet_Strydom
No, they don’t interact with each other and are not allowed to see each other’s work.
But leadership is allowed.

I just left the values in the column unreferenced but still able to display the values.



The Coda rule is that if somebody has access to a doc, they have access to all of the doc.

In this scenario, I would recommend a doc AllProducts, and then two docs using cross doc functionality for Product 1 and Product 2.


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