Comma Separated Values(not fixed number of values) to columns

We are getting numeric tags in the table in comma separated format. But we do not know each time how many tags/numbers will be there. The maximum tags can be 57.

We want to separate each tag/number by comma in different columns like Tag1,Tag2,Tag3 and so on.

Is it possible? If yes, then how to do it?

Well, assuming your Tag Frmula column is [Tags].Split(","), then the simplest solution would be to create 57 columns, each with a formula like [Tag Frmula].Nth(57) — of course replacing 57 with whatever the tag index is, different for each column.

However, I have a hunch that whatever you will be using those Tag1…Tag57 columns for would be better off with just sticking with the list anyway. What are you hoping to accomplish by splitting the list of numbers into columns like that?

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