Compare columns from two different tables in a chart

Hi Community,

I’ve created a Coda for Job searches where I’ve connected two tables: ‘Applications’ and ‘Interviews’.

Within the Application table I have a column called ‘Application Month’ and within the Interviews table of have a column called ‘Interview Month’

I’m trying to create a chart with a Horizontal axis of Months and values showing total Applications vs total Interviews.

Since the Horizontal Axis requires me to pick an existing Column, I have put ‘Application Month’, however that will place the interviews in the month when the application happened, rather than when the interview happened.

Is there a way to display the total Applications in the months they happened, next to the total Interviews in the months they happened?


Hi @differentspin If at all possible are you able to share your copy or a working model of your doc so we can look at a visual of what you are trying to achieve? It sounds like this may be a exploration in reverse lookups, but I won’t be sure until I see what you are working with! Thanks so much for any clarity you can provide! Best, Dan

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Hi @Dan_Demers,

Thanks for your response. I’ve created a dummy version of the table here. Ideally, I want to combine the ‘Applications by Month’ and ‘Interviews by Month’ into one table. Let me know if you need edit access.


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Hi @differentspin :blush: !

If I understand correctly what you want to do, you would need to create a “Summary table by year and months” and then, using lookup fields, you would need to link that new table to your [Applications by Status] table and your Interviews table …
Once each application and interview is linked to a month from the summary table, all you need to do is get back those rows from your 2 tables in the Summary one… And all that’s left is to create a chart view of this table to display the number of applications and interviews by months :blush:

I copied your dummy doc (Thanks for sharing :raised_hands: ) and modified it a little to illustrate what I just said above :blush:
Other than adding the “summary” table I just converted both text fields you already had and used to determine the Application month and Interview month in the tables [Applications by Status] and Interviews into lookup fields :blush:
(I’ve also added a conditional formatting to the Summary table so you could easily pin-point those “new” lookup fields in your different tables :innocent: )

I’m a bit too short on time to give you more info though :pensive:
In the meantime, I still hope this helps :innocent:

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Hi Pch,

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I can’t access the membeded coda doc.


Hi @differentspin !

Oh my … I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

Either I forgot to effectively share the doc earlier or my wifi in not in a good shape today :sweat_smile: (could be both though)

Thanks for letting me know :blush: ! The embed should be accessible now :sweat_smile:
(Let me know if it’s still not the case :blush: )

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