Comparing a Number with a Table

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It is a bit frustrating, when you know what you want but lack the syntax :slight_smile:
In the picture is table 1, id like that any number that is in the input column gets compared with all the numbers of column A of table 2. It has to find the nearest number of the column A wich is always higher than input.
Once it found it, it has to watch column B on the same row and copy that to table 1, column output.
In the example i just fill that out by hand so it explains it better.


[Table 2].Filter(A >= thisRow.Input).B.First() :slight_smile:

If there’s no guarantee that table 2 is sorted β€” use
[Table 2].Filter(A >= thisRow.Input).Sort(true, A).B.First()

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thanks alot :grinning: