Comparing Differences between two lists

I know there have been other posts on this, but I have looked through them all and cannot figure it out (potentially because im using information from a cross-doc table).

Please see screenshot below for reference. Essentially I want to write a formula that compares the differences between “Table 1” and “Cross Doc Table” and therefore it should ouput “Sam” and that is it.

The only one problem I cannot figure out is that when I try to list the names in the cross doc table it is listing all the names including the ones that have been filterted out. (In case you cannot see, there are 6 total rows in the cross doc table - two rows have been filtered out because they are “enemies”)

This is the formula I have been trying to use, but it returns everything completely blank:

[Table 1].[Column 1].Filter(Not([Cross-Doc Table].Name).Contains(CurrentValue))

I have also tried: List([Table 1].[Column 1]).Filter(Not(List([Cross-Doc Table].Name).Contains(CurrentValue)))

but that only returns [Bob, Peter, Jack]

Any ideas?

I’d imagine it to be something like:

[Cross-Doc Table].Filter(
  [Table 1].[Column 1].Contains(CurrentValue.Name).Not()

to get the list of names that are in the Cross-Doc table but not on the Table 1.