Complex Buttons / Controls

I’ve got several Excel spreadsheets containing lists of things like “Tasks”, “Discussions”, Buy Lists, Reading Lists, Future Hobbies, etc… I’ve also got 2 of my lists (Discussions and Tasks) using priorities (in the form of an Eisenhower Matrix). And some of my Tasks and Discussions have Project Names in them. I’ve got VBA macros set up to sort and filter my data based on a number of criteria. Being new to CODA, I’m wondering how best to duplicate my existing functionality.

I started out by creating separate views for Tasks, Discussions, and each of my other lists. I was then going to filter/group/sort by some combination of Priority, Projects, and StartDate.

But then I started to wonder if I could use some form of complex buttons that would do the following:

  • 1 button that would show Discussions sorted by Priority with StartDate <= Today
  • 1 button that would show Tasks sorted by Priority for items having a StartDate<=today, followed by the remaining Tasks sorted by StartDate (these would all have a StartDate> today)
  • 1 button that would let me pick any one of the lists and let my pick particular Priorities (Quad 1, Quad 2, Quad 3, Quad 4, or blank) and let me pick whether to show all items or only the ones with StartDate <=Today.

Any ideas to help me get started?

Thanks in advance … Jeff

OK, I figured out how to combine formulas in the filter (that was easy). But I don’t know how to:

(1) Programmatically (through a button or control) handle the Sort.
(2) Have more than 1 Button or Control and whichever one I click controls the filtering.

Thanks … Jeff