Complex workout routine help

I’m trying to come up with a coda app to model a particular workout routine.

There are 84 days in the overall program broken down into 7 day cycles. No two weeks are exactly the same.
2 days are flexibility (M/W) and are always the same each week.
The other days vary between 11 different workouts made up of a mix of 9 different exercises. Some days, the circuit is 4 exercises for 5 rounds and others it is 5 exercises for 4 rounds. 30 seconds on. 30 seconds off. 20 minute routines.

I’d like to be able to track my progression over time (am I doing more pushups now than a month ago, understanding that a day with 5 sets will yield more than a day with 4), but can’t figure out a mental model for how to structure this.

I built a fairly robust to do app, so not completely new to this. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Jeremy_Kriegel,

I created a rough doc you can use to brainstorm and create your own. Can you take a quick look at the template too as it is similar to what you want.

You can use this doc to track workouts or you can ditch the workout and create 84*4 rows to indicate exercise per day and then add a little button to track each individual workout. Just depends on what you want to track and how you want your report to be.