"Computed" properties suggestion

Hi all!

My suggestion is nothing more than some “sugar” as to achieve what I want without it is very easy but would make management of a Coda doc on an ongoing basis a bit easier imho.

To explain I have a screenshot:

I have summed up all of the values in a column of a table and outputted that value.

I then need to use that same summed value to make another calculation - in my screenshot above, I want to subtract the summed value (£343) from my total budget.

Of course, I can just re-enter the formula, but it would be super cool if you could define a computed property/variable which would give you the summed value that you could then re-use throughout your docs. Then, if something changed in that formula - you’d only have to adjust in 1 place.

Perhaps this variable would be “assigned” to the table (in my example, “Refurb costs”) so that one could access something like [Refurb Costs].totalAmountPaid.

Hi Doug. Hopefully I haven’t misunderstood your query, but I think you can do this by naming the first formula (in the space above the field where you write the formula itself). You can then reference that as if it’s a variable, from anywhere else in the doc. Like I say, let me know if I have misunderstood!


Hi Tim!

You’re absolutely right! I just came back to say that I JUST found this as I was creating another formula! Brilliant! :slight_smile:

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