Connection to external data or automated import

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we want to try to implement a server update process monitoring tool and want to use Coda’s powerful UI.
But the raw monitoring data come from external files, log-files like csv exports, created during and after the server update process.
The raw monitoring data shall be placed on a sharepoint server which means, only who has a company sharepoint account would be able to access the raw monitoring data.
I there an opportunity to build a connection to the sharepoint data file (csv or excel) and starting an automated import into coda tables, by example if I press an import button?
We don’t want to use additional tools like Zapier.

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I’ll add a feature request on your behalf for a Sharepoint Pack. If you or anyone you know is interested in building your own pack with this functionality, that’s also possible. I’ll share this resource here with more on that.

Lastly, for a workaround on what you’re asking for, you might use use our Import CSV feature which is in beta. It’s not a 2-way sync, but it would at least allow you to upload data from a CSV from your computer directly into a Coda table and preserve the data/formatting.

Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi James,

thank you for your reply and your effort.
I knew about the csv-import ability, but unfortunately that’s not what I need.
To display the latest state of the server update process, I need the opportunity to read data from the Sharepoint file.
The csv-import needs always additional actions to get the data in the right Coda table. For building the Coda database and the UI it would be a workaround, you’re right, but for displaying the update process data, I need the ability to connect to the Sharepoint server and read/import the data with “one” click.
Unfortunately, we are also not allowed to store such data on Google with Google Sheets.
It would all things work, which conects to the data, stored on premises or in a MS tenant.
Has anyone an idea maybe?

I’d check out Packs like @James_Malloy mentioned. They have made most API use-cases much easier to build for and maintain.

You’ll be looking at Packs and the API as a solution based on your criteria, so here’s another API example for Sheets to Coda that might give you some ideas.

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