Content Alignment / Page Width

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but it appears that when the page Content Alignment:
Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 5.34.40 PM

Is set to Standard, the canvas is not centering, which is my expected behavior:

Is there any reason for it to bias to the right?

ps - my css color inversion does not affect the content widths.

Can you try this with a code box and a sample sentence that wraps. This will show the full width of the canvas and how it’s centered. A table will start at the left side of the canvas width and can extend as far right as it needs to.

OK that helps to understand what is happening. Its starting on the left end of the canvas and then extending to the right unlimited. This has the weird effect, that if you are working mainly in the tables, to have the whole screen/ux lopsided and seemingly off. Especially since the nav is on the left. If possible I would have the table recenter itself to the middle of the canvas continually.

You can set the option to “Wide” and center the table the same way you would center text. It’ll show a little better on a wide screen. But those are the only two options at the moment.

OK wide is a good alternative … AND maybe your design team is open to improvements? Thanks!