Control Value for Filter Bar

Hello! I’d like to put the filter bar controls in a different place on my document, see the screen shot here:

Is there a way to control the filter bar by a control value, and then hide the filter bar itself?

Nope. Sadly.

Asked for access to these controls via a formula when it first launched. But not possible =[

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Hmmm could you just use controls without the filter bar? You can create them super easily like in the screenshot below

yes, but the filter bar interface is just way more user friendly, comparison below:

One way I take more control of my slicers is to make the kind of slicer I want manually.
For example type /select list or /checkbox where I want it above the table and then link the control to the table or values you want to look up.
I give the control a name that relates to its type and purpose (e.g. “S Names of staff” - where the leading S = select list). This naming helps me easy place it in a formula.
Then you manually make a filter in the side bar and use a formula to link it to your control (e.g. Staff Name = S Names of staff)

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