Controlling Row Height in a table

I have read a workaround but are there plans in your development map to have the ability to control row height in a table so that it shows the desired number of rows but clickable to show the entire contents? If it is planned for the future, any rough ETA?

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This type of work would be part of a bigger layout project where we tackle several layout items at once. There is a good bit in the works, but I don’t have an ETA for you.

This is feedback we get for various use-cases though. We’re hearing it and working on it!

Yes, not being able to control row height makes some tables that have fields with a lot of text content virtually useless.

Please update.

@Dean_Moray What is the work around for this right now?

Hi @Brian_Ralls,

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If the question is about data density in the table view, this is work that needs to be done by Coda on the layout side of things, and something that we’re looking into with a few options floating to the top.

But for how text displays in a cell when there is a lot of text to see, I’ve used various tricks depending on what the overall need was.

Sometimes I hide the text column in the table view, but display it in the row popup view. If I need to make the row popup easier to click, I’ll create a button with the following formula as a Hyperlink:


These row popup layouts are customizable, so they’re great for article drafts, meeting notes, and other chunks of text that are lengthy.

If you need a preview, you can use a text formula Left() (“Left()” formula info) and show the first however many characters in that column, then the full text in the modal popup.

Use “Stylus” chrome extension for hacking table CSS, change height of table , align text , eg.

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I am trying to understand how to control the ROW height…I can’t seem to be able to find out how to adjust it…
It’s the only thing holding me back from using Coda, I’ve searched around and cannot find this.

Please show me!


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Hey Josh the row height is equal to the height of the objects inside of it. There isn’t a manual way to force its spec. However, you can:

  • wrap/unwrap text
  • make a column wider/narrower to reduce line height

Ability to control the row height and force it to a specific height like you can in airtable would be really useful. If I need to keep a lot of notes in a table it kills the usability because it no longer displays right on the page.

Is fixing this on the roadmap?


@Robbie_Walters what exactly is your problem here? Seems like wrapping text would solve?

I agree with the original poster. If you copy notes into it or use bullet points it doesn’t make the row height smaller when you toggle on and off the wrap text (in a table) - it’s very annoying

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Agree. Really needing this.