Convert a Number To Text | Make a column static so it's not included in calculations



Problem: When I run an action via a button (marking someone present), my doc is calculating data for this column and it’s slowing down the calculation considerably.

Solution: I need to keep this data “archived” but don’t want it to be included in my calculations every time I run that action, since that data is static since it’s a different year.

What I’m trying to do to solve it: As you can see in the screenshot I’m trying to do a simple convert “toText” of the “# of Dates Attended (2018)” column to this new column to make that data static so it can be accessed but not used in calculations.

  • Secondary problem caused by this solution: “toText” isn’t functioning properly, but is still keeping the new column linked to the old column.

My guess is you don’t need the Lookup there. Maybe this works:

[Attendance_All].Filter([Name]=thisRow AND [Date].Year()=2018).Count()

That definitely speeds up my action I’m performing. It’s still the slowest part of my calculation so it would be nice to remove it entirely from the calculation by making it a static number. Thanks for the reminder that Lookups can be really heavy!