Converting TypeForm responses to Lookup "Tags"

Hi Coda Community,

I recently discovered that it is possible to sync Typeform responses to my Coda docs. I’m wondering if it would be possible to translate the responses that I’ve recorded into the Lookup “tags” that I’ve made? The current error that I run into is that “Values in this column are calculated by a formula and can’t be directly changed”.

Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciated!


Yes! Values in the typeform pack come in unchangeable.

What you can do is:

  1. Replicate the typeform table as a Coda table (column headers)
  2. Create a button column in the typeform table that adds a row to your Coda table and replicates all the information from the typeform table.

Essentially what you have done is created an editable version of the typeform table that can now be changed however you want!

Then just create an automation that presses that button to always keep the tables in sync (and don’t forget to add some disable criteria in your button so you only add a new row once)

Thank you Scott!

I’ve managed to move the typeform data to my Coda table.

However, one issue that I ran into is due to the inherent typeform formatting issues, I cannot automatically translate the data into Lookup format.

As you can see, I want to translate it into a “Nautilus” tag, but there seem to be a weird “,” behind that prevents me from doing so.

Really appreciate the help and response! Thank you!

I’ve made it work, by using toText() to format the data I got from TypeForm, thank you!

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