Create Page Button / Actions

It seems there is currently no way to programmatically create pages or sub-pages. The introduction of the Canvas to the tables is a great start, but sometimes it would be nice to have an actual page linked to the row. For example, if I want to share the row/page with specific people WITHOUT giving them access to the entire table. This would be an incredibly nice feature to have.

Some of the example uses include creating and linking a sub-page each time a new entry is added to a table and having a button in your Team Hub allowing team members an easy way to create their own pages. I’ve seen this brought up multiple places in the forums but didn’t see an item for it in the suggestion box. So here we go :slight_smile:

You can use the duplicatepage formula to create new pages.

And the source page can be empty.

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??? Can you link to a resource page on this topic or something? I’m not sure I understand