Creating a new line from another document

Good afternoon.
There are three different documents.
It is necessary that in the Applications when creating a new contact, it is possible to add a new organization to this contact. But the problem is that the name of the organization is based on the formula. (this line.Text+this line.[String ID]) . In this case, the Code does not allow you to create a new organization. Any thoughts on how to get around?

Dear @Iv_Bako,

I recommend to take away “the organization based on the formula”.


In one company you can have several contact persons. You might contact with a sales rep contact, payroll admin contact, warehouse rep. all from one and the same company “X”

In the applications, a person applies, that represents a company and that will be visible because when you select a person, the company assigned will become visible too.

This is called “schema design”, sounds difficult, but with some practice playing around, you will be able to find scenarios working in the doc you are building.

Trying to look from a different angle, gives another perspective and we all get sometimes trapped being to focused on one option.

it is difficult to abandon the formula. we have many organizations “without a name”, so gluing with an ID allows us to distinguish them.
the problems start when we want to create a new contact in a new organization.

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