Creating a schedule with incrementing values


This is something that I’d easily do with a sheet. Given that my experience with databases is limited, I would like to know what you recommend, it’ll probably have to be done with an automation, but I honestly don’t know what.

Let’s say I have 3 channels, based on the channel, the upload frequency for new videos changes. Sometimes, I have less or more time to edit, which forces me to change my upload frequency on the go.

My assistant needs to know when he has to upload. This is “Last Publish Date” + “Duration”, the duration is automatically pulled from the first table.

Now, I know that it’s not possible to have a formula in the column that says “Take previous row’s publish date and add this rows duration”, but that’s actually what I’m looking for -> incrementing a given column.

Looking forward to your replies!

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Dear @Sonny_S,

Would you mind to update the sharing settings to " everybody with a link able to edit/copy" ?

This gives the best chances that there is somebody able to put you in the right direction. :thinking:

Hey Jean,

Thanks for pointing that out, I did so!

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Dear @Sonny_S,

I will be glad to support you to build the tool, but I have the feeling that I do not understand the procedure.

Would you mind to work out a more complete overview to make the steps required more clear?

  1. Your upload procedure and what does the " videos ready for upload" mean? I assume you need a base with videos, that includes their upload/publishing status, type (channel)?
  2. In the " upload schedule" you need most probably the actual upload date?
  3. I assume that you want a “publishing frequency” as the audience expects for example every Sunday to watch the new episode?

In the above screenshot, the formula explained:

If the publish date is not blank, add the days of the upload frequency to the publish date and display as a date, if not leave empty.

But I am rather sure that this is not what you are looking for :thinking: