Creating Request forms

Really loving Coda…
Can we use Coda to gather requirements from multiple consumers and use these requirements for better sprint planning.

My team builds small automation tools to escape from google sheets and manual reporting. It receives requests from over 10 other teams in the org. I would like to be able to specify a template which a manager with a new tooling request needs to file. Can we ensure that specific parts of the doc, such as features can be classified as MVP or not? Can we ensure that whatever counts as MVP on this doc, gets added to my sprint planning coda board?
Looking forward to your ideas… thank you

Would something like this work? It uses hidden buttons in the first table.

This is something that shud be visible to me and my team developing the tools. But can we create a template that my consumers can fill in? This page would just collate data from all those requests from consumers and present it like in the example you shared.

I would instead recommend creating the external template on a third-party tool such as Google Sheets and then pull the requisite info into the Coda doc via Integromat.

I could create a requirement template in Jira… can I import data from Jira to coda?

Yes absolutely you can, it’s really easy!

Awesome … will try this.
Thanks folks

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