Decouple a field from the table grid

Allow for a flexible layout of the table contents. If journaling or entering a long form text field, this would make more of the contents visible.
Would be helpful for a ticketing system, personal notes, or any other fields that are descriptive and require explanation.


@chrisbarsis33 what formatting options in a text would you be looking for? I know you can mix and match bulleted lists and basic formats. Also, if you’re looking for a newline inside a table text, you can use (on Mac) ALT-ENTER to get that.

Looks like you can accomplish the above with two views and a single select control, unless I’m misunderstanding the functionality.

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I included a mockup in the original post. The idea is to drill down and get a closer view of a single record.

A table row is great for showing a summary in a large dataset. But sometimes, it’s necessary to look more closely at an individual record.

Do you have an working example of this layout? It would be helpful to look at!

Have you tried popping out the row? If you want to drill down beyond the table’s view, you can click the box & arrow icon at the far left to view all the fields associated with a record.

I’ll try to mock something up for you tomorrow—I’ve been out of the office for a while so don’t have an immediate example but hold tight!