Default user view to "Present Doc"? (e.g. From the most recent "Year of the Maker" email)

With the most recent newsletter from coda, sample docs were shown in a clean and aesthetically pleasing display. Kind of similar to the existing “Present Doc” feature. e.g. Claire’s Offsite Toolkit.

The layout, banner image, and doc navigation really improves the overall look and impression of the document. I love it.
Is this a new feature that we may utilize now? Or soon hopefully? :crossed_fingers:

My hope is that we can make this a default view for other users but with interactive permissions (e.g. button/table interactions, value updating, editing text).

We’re still working on brushing up a few things, but you’ll start seeing a few new features here show up soon.


Now just slap a paywall on it to be able to see the doc…

…boom, you invented Medium :slight_smile:

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Haha! I think you might be onto something.