"Delete" option in context menu for all elements

Image blocks, PDF blocks can be easily selected and then deleted, but paragraphs, which are also blocks, cannot be deleted as a whole, only the text of the paragraph can be selected using the cursor and then be deleted.

Therefore the option “Delete” in the context menu of a paragraph would be useful in order to be able to delete the whole paragraph with one click.

Yes, this is a simple yet clearly ergonomic and intuitive must-have !

I would like to warm up this topic again:

When working with pages in documents on a daily basis, there is still a bit of a hassle when deleting some (very common) elements. Hence my appeal:

let us finally have a delete option in the context menu (3-dot-icon) for:

  • paragraphs
  • headings
  • images
  • line separators
  • links
  • mentions
  • code blocks
  • files

as it currently already exists for:

  • pages
  • tables
  • layouts
  • list items

Thank you!