Detail view subtitle


When selecting the detail format for a table, the left hand side row selector shows the name of the row as bold black, but it also shows some other value as grayed out below it - as sort of a subtitle for the row.

How do I specify which column to use for this gray subtitle?


Hey @Nuutti_Kotivuori1 take a look at Way to "pick" a column to display as "subtext" in list selector inside Detail view


Thank you for this. I tried to search for “subtitle” and “detail” but didn’t find this article.

However, it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I have a detail view of a normal table. Currently, the picker on the left hand side only shows the black bold text and no subtext at all, for the first column of my table, “Name”. The first column of my table is also the display column. If I pick some other column as display column, that column ends up as the black bold text, and the grey subtext is the “Name” column of my table. And this regardless of the order I drag columns in - either in the view of the table that is normally formatted as detail, or the parent table. I cannot understand why Coda considers the “Name” column special so that it is placed in subtext, even though it is not the first column of the table, nor is it the display column. The only special thing I can think of is that “Name” was the first column created in the table - but that is not something I can change.


I tried creating a new document, and it behaves exactly as described by the article. I wonder what is wrong…


Sorry you are running into issue. If you could please share your document with and mention it is for Krunal) - I would be happy to take a look tomorrow.


Hi Krunal. The contents of the document are somewhat sensitive, so I tried copying the table to a new document (with your great new copying features!). While doing this I found out what is wrong.

You say:

The very first visible column that is of type Text, Date, Number and not a display column would show up as “subtext” column inside details’ list selector.

However, currently it seems only “Text” columns will show there. Date or Number columns will work if selected as display columns, but the subtext seems to pick the first text column in the order shown in the table.

I actually needed a date column to be shown as subtext, but I worked around that by making a formula-based text version of that column and placed that first - and the results work perfectly. This is something I need to do anyway, since it seems that Coda does not respect the selected formatting for the date column (YYYY-MM-DD), but instead uses the horrible non-standard way to represent dates (M/D/YYYY) if a date column is made a display column - so I am using a formula to enforce that the string version has the correct format.