Developing a production calculator


Hey Coda community!

I am working on creating a production calculator for my business.

Theoretically I have three tables: Weekly orders (where I input customer orders), Roast Calculator (where those orders are bundled into basically bulk production), and a Bag Counter (where customer orders of are translated into units)

I successfully got the Weekly Orders to communicate with the Roast Calc utilizing “switchif” but I am struggling to get the orders to accumulate in the Bag Counter.


Please include a screenshot of the Bag Counter table and explain which values are to be accumulated to which location, and I’ll see if I can help.


So there is a rotating menu of coffees that folks order, these coffees come in three different sizes 5#, odd#, and retail bags.

Sorry for not posting this photo earlier, because it was my first post it was restricted to just one photo.

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This is likely more than you wanted, but below is how I would attack it.

Any business decisions reflected in the screenshots are just dummy placeholders. The main point was to illustrate building from your smallest and simplest tables up to your more complex ones.

In the future, when you’re ready to stop manually processing orders through this setup, you can probably use Coda’s automation features to handle the transactional aspects of this schema.

(images opened in new browser tabs are easier to read)

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Thank you for your help @Ander !!! I’m struggling with the concatenate formula on the “products” table (i’m very new to coda) is there something I might be missing or not understanding about how concatenate works?


Screenshot of your formula?


I got it to work! Thank you so much for your help! I don’t know if there is a direct message part of this community but I’d love to mail you a bag of coffee for your help!