Displacement between lines from layuot

How can I disable users from being able to scroll through the different lines by scrolling the bottom part of the layout? thank you so much


hi @Ximo_Escamilla ,

I am sorry to say, but you cannot in this configuration. Coda does not offer any setting to hide this part of the modal.

Best, Christiaan

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Thanks for answering, but then it is a problem for document security since anyone who has access to a row (even if the table is hidden) can scroll between the different rows. The only thing that occurred to me is to make a filter in the table with all the rows so that they do not appear. but it is not a clean solution. Thank you

you are right.
so far Coda did not respond to any of these observations.
you maybe interested in understanding how transparent a coda doc is:

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Thank you very much, we hope that Coda can provide a solution to this soon. All the best

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