Display Columns and Gantt Charts


I have a table of transcripts, which have a client and a date of the call. I am looking to display different values based on the context, but keep the projection in one. They are viewed in two ways:

  1. Associated with the client. In this view, I know the client and want to display the call date.
  2. Gantt chart of assigned/due. In this view, I don’t care about the call date, but would like to see other information (e.g. the client).

So, I’m looking for either a way to show a different value than the display column in the Gantt chart, or project a non-display value in a table. A longshot, I know: is there a way to keep the projection nature of the display column with a different value? Or to display a different value in the Gantt chart?


Hey @chris_homburger mind sharing the doc with support@coda.io or put a couple of screenshots here. Using Filter might work ( I use it when I can’t don’t want to use projections) but would love to see your tables.

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I believe I’m looking for a similar thing:

I want to be able to customize the column that’s displayed on each bar (in my example above, the names of the folks working on the item), and/or the column that’s displayed on the left (A, B, C, D).

This way, you can also color the Gantt chart by different columns since the displayed value is no longer needs to be the display column.

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