Displaying multiple columns data using a Lookup function

Hi All

I’m using a looking function to get data from another table using:

Lookup(Contacts, [Text 2], [Business Name]).Firstname

That give me the firstname as the result but I would like to see surname and firstname.

I tried using the following thinking it would work but it doesn’t:

Lookup(Contacts, [Text 2], [Business Name]).Concatenate(Contacts.Surname, Contacts.Firstname)

It gives me the primary ID for that row but also the surname and firstname for all rows

Try this ( or create a lookup column called Contacts then it is just Contacts.Surname + Contacts.Firstname)
Concatenate(Lookup(Contacts, [Text 2], [Business Name]).Surname, Lookup(Contacts, [Text 2], [Business Name]).Firstname)

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Thanks that’s worked perfectly.