Docuemnt when a Message was sent

Hello Coda community.

I am working on an approval Workflow and have most of of it all sorted out but… I need a way to document when the last time a notification was sent to an approver. I have a button that is sending the message as I have variable information in the message. I have tried using formulas to “Notify” and for example check a Checkbox in a related column, but then I can’t have the referenced content in the message. As of right now all I can do is have the user click the button to send the message, and then manually select the checkbox to record when this happened. I was hoping there might be a formula that can see when a button was pressed. Checkbox if button pressed type thing.

Anyway hopefully I explained myself! Thank for you help

Hello @Frank_Swart ,

What you want to do can be done without much effort:

//sent notification
action 1,
//set checkbox
action 2 (modify row - set checkbox),
//register time
action 3 (modify row - set action time column)

If you share a (dummy) doc that resembles what you are trying to do, we can help you a lot better than just describing a solution. Obviously, we can make a sample doc for you, but there is only so many hours in a day. And frankly: if someone that needs help isn’t willing to spend the time it takes to make a little sample doc, why should one of the active community members spent the time to solve your problem. I am not specifically addressing you: as the community is getting busier, it becomes impossible to keep up with all the help requests that lack a shared sample doc.

Greetings, Joost

Edit: action 2 and action 3 can be one action if both of these columns belong to the same table



Thank you soo much for this! I did want to include an example, unfortunately my company has us very well locked down and I’m not able to share docs outside of my org. Fortunately for me, with your simple response I have been able to figure out a way to accomplish what I wanted. Thank you!

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