Documint : How to use formula for ARRAY type field value?

@Scott_Collier-Weir Hello. I watched your documint sample video and was able to follow. However, I have set up a new invoice template and would like to have a list of row send into documint as array. I have not sure how to do it. Can you help?

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Hey there!

The Documint pack as is does not support looping, aka sending a list of rows to populate a pdf

I created a private pack (for sale) that does allow looping and sending lists of rows.

It’s more of a technical pack/set-up and for this reason have not yet published it for free use. Once I figure out a way to set up the UX (user experience) in a way that is friendly and easy to use I’ll publish it! But until that time - private pack it is.

If you’d like, you can DM me for more info!

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