Drag and drop filter reordering

perhaps i’m missing it, but if i need to reorder filters i need to delete the filters that come before and recreate them below.

i would like to be able to drag and drop filters to change their orders.

Often i will add a filter to a view and realize i need to delete the other filters and re create them so the new filter ‘works’ , which is a pain in the butt. welcome to other suggestions about how to work around this in a more efficient way.


Could you share a document with an example of what you mean?

Eg, are you talking about canvas filters, or filters in the filter bar?
What do you mean with “so the new filter works”?


hey Piet thanks for replying! Here’s toy example I made: https://coda.io/d/_dkuroFW0qB_/example-filters_suV9Z

You can see that if you reverse the order of the OR C and AND B rules, you have different results. It’s pretty well known that order matters when combining OR and AND rules-- it’s already in the coda docs. So i’m surprised it’s non trivial to re-order these filters.

I am talking about the filter widgets in the sidebar, not the filter function. I’m aware I can use the filter function, and I do for other things, but for a trivial IF TRUE statement I shouldn’t have to break out the parenthesis when I could simply drag and drop these rule blocks in the sidebar.

I’m actually seeing now that this is in the ‘ask the community’ topic and I meant to put it in the suggestion box! I will move this over there :slight_smile:

thank you again! I hope you have an awesome weekend.