Dynamically Items to a multi selection Select List

Dear all,
This is probably a wacky request.

I’m collecting many web URL’s via Evernote. Each page is being tagged with multiple tags.
I’m using Zapier to add the Evernote data to Coda by Row.

Each row contains:
Title (text)
URL (text)
Tags (Select List)

the tags are entered as e.g.:

would there be any way to parse the data so I have each word as it’s own tag, check the new words against the existing list, add only the new words to the list, and have the words that were originally entered as the selected options?
i.e. I create an ever increasing Select List and have each row with the provided (i.e.Chosen) tags.

Or am I going about this backward.



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I have created a categories table, where I keep a master list of categories (“tags”) then in my primary table I have a Category (“tags”) column which is a select list that pulls from the category table. I also have multiple selections allowed.