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What is the best way to set subject line of an email in an automation using a table of values? Pull a value from a table to populate into the email subject line based on the value in a different column?

Hi Bonnie, you should just be able to do a lookup function if I’m understanding this correctly… do you have an example you could share?

Hi Danny. Thanks for helping. I’m trying to select a value to use for the Subject line of an automated email based on a table that has a date aligned to the Subject line value. So if it’s today’s date, I’d want the automation to look for today’s date in the table, then pull the value in the row for that date. I’ve been able to pull all values for that column from the table, but I want to be more selective so it’s looking at date, then picking the value from there.


Hi Bonnie, would this work?

lookup(table name, date column, today()).subject line column

I prefer not to have today() in my tables though (I believe having this constantly calculating can tax the table - I might be wrong on this though).

So normally I just have a formula sitting on the canvas calculating the date, then I reference that in the formula.

Danny! Thanks so much, you mentioning lookups gave me somewhere to go and I was able to figure it out. I really appreciate it.


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