Email tracking with coda and Gmail Pack

Hi. I use a Gmail add-on called Streak that allows me to see in real time when people open my emails.
It accomplishes that by adding a unique hidden “pixel” image to each email sent. When their tracking service detects a certain pixel image is being requested, it knows that the email was opened.
The thing is when I use Coda to send an email to a client, it bypass the Streak add-on.
I wonder if there is a way to track emails using Coda? Maybe another email tracking platform…

There isn’t a way that I know of, but using Coda to “Create a Draft” might be a workaround. I haven’t tested, and don’t use that add-on myself, but I’d give it a shot.

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Hey @Breno_Nunes

You can accomplish this with Google Analytics and your email template in Coda. As far as the tracking pixel is concerned here is a semi-clear article about how to set it up. If, however you want the TL;DR version:

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics Account
Step 2: Nab your account ID by doing the following:
admin Click the gear in the bottom-left of the screen on Google Analytics
property_settings Select Property Settings

Your ID will be at the top of the page - save the whole string from UA- to -1

Step 3: Build your tracking URL:

Replace YOURACCOUNTID with your account ID and feel free to edit the other parts of the url based on your unique needs.

The structure of the URL is as follows:

That is then turned into an image as follows:
<img src="">

NOTE: You must send your email using HTML so I recommend looking into @BenLee 's example docs: Email a formatted table using HTML

You will then be able to view information on Google Analytics about your emails even in real time:

I imagine this would be relatively easy to incorporate into a doc where you can have the Document Title updated dynamically based on the email subject in your table. If I have time I might try to put together a template for this because it looks pretty fun and a great way to save some :moneybag:


Wow. Thank you a lot for the detailed explanation. I’ll try to set it up.
It’s always good to learn new things.