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Hi all.

I am volunteering for a school band competition and currently I am working on a doc for adjudicators to register points and comments for the stage show portion as well as registering musical performance points and best soloists.

I would like to have the results posted on our website (Wordpress) right after the award ceremony without having to spend time doing this manually.

I was thinking of creating a Cross-doc from the original doc synchronising only the results tables and then embed this on the website.
Is this a good option or are there better, slicker alternatives for posting the results quickly without revealing the complete doc?

Hi @Kjell_Pettersen

Don’t know about wordpress very well (and I dont think there is a pack about that ?) but if it can manage quickly csv, you can export your final ranking from coda and upload it to wordpresss ?

Thanks, @Quentin_Morel.
That would probably be a good option but ideally I would prefer to have the results displayed directly from Coda. At least temporarily, since I will format the results inside Wordpress at a later stage for more consistency with the overall design.
You do not suggest that I mess around with Cross-doc then, I guess? :wink:

P.S. I managed to post my previous enquiry about sorting within divisions, that you solved brilliantly for me by the way, with another account. So no, there are probably not two persons with my name here… :smile:

Hey ! ahah, with the same name and the same passion about brass band :trumpet: !
I read too quick your post and did not see what you wanted to do with doc cross.

If wordpress allows embed like this, indeed it could be a very good idea.
I’ll test that

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Hehe… Yeah, that would be too much of a coincidence.

I actually managed to make it work pretty okay with an embedded Cross-Doc. It is not ideal since the format is not made for tablets/phones but it works as a temporary solution, which is basically what I need for now.

If you are playing around with the idea and you come up with solutions you think will be useful for me I appreciate any feedback from you.

Thanks again!

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