Error while moving data from one list to another

I have a coda doc for capturing meeting notes. This doc has a table which has the details of all the meeting that take place. The columns in the table are date, topic, team members, meeting notes, email meeting notes(this has a button that sends out meeting notes as emails to all participants). I want to set up a button that moves an old meeting details from the main list to the archive list and deletes the same from the main list.

I created another button called “Archive and Delete” and am using the following formula:

[Archive].AddRow(thisRow.Date, thisRow.Topic, thisRow.[Team Member], thisRow.[Meeting Notes], [Meeting Notes 3].[Email Meeting Notes]

However, when I click on the button it keeps giving error message " Column Date is not present in Archive" but the Archive table has the exact rows as the main table and has the same columns type as well.

Can someone help me understand how can I resolve this?

Hi @Shagun_Bahadur and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I think you’re missing the Column parameter AddRow() takes in your formula :blush: :

  thisRow.[Team Member], 
  thisRow.[Meeting Notes], 
  [Meeting Notes 3].[Email Meeting Notes]

AddRow() works with pairs of “Column where to insert a value, Value to put in that column” but from what I seeing in your formula, you don’t seem to indicate where thisRow.Date (for example) should go in the table Archive :blush:

As I’m guessing the button you’re trying to create is in the main table, I think something like this should work for your Archive and Delete button :
(See the quick sample dow below :innocent: )

  /* Action 1: Add a row in Archive */
    Archive.Name,  // Column Name in Archive
    thisRow.Name,  // Value to insert for the Column Name in Archive
    Archive.Date,  // Column
    thisRow.Date,  // Value
    Archive.Topic, // Column
    thisRow.Topic  // Value
  /* Action 2: Delete this row */ 

I hope this helps :innocent:

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This Worked!! :star_struck:
Thank you so much!!!

My pleasure @Shagun_Bahadur :grin: !
Glad to know this helped you move forward :raised_hands: !

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