European date formats default option

I can get behind this but I’ve formed a splinter group to have the month start on Monday.

Ah I see what I’ve done there… oops

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Ahahahah :grin::grin::grin:
Good point!

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Don’t get me started, that’s next on my wishlist of calendar changes.

Who on earth starts the week on a Sunday other than vicars? Yet the Coda calendar starts on a Sunday.

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The same people who put the month first

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+1 for me too.

I diligently changed the format of EACH AND EVERY “Date” column, to ISO (yyyy-mm-dd), only to be thwarted by a bar chart, which displayed mm/dd/yyyy on the x-axis, and couldn’t be changed. Doh.

ps. While we’re here, talking default doc or profile date format, a default currency symbol would be very useful too.

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We definitely know dates are an issue and we know a lot of the world uses a different layout. We will be addressing this in the coming months. It’s a fairly in depth thing to tackle, so it’ll take some time, but we know it’s important and wanted.

This is just part of a company and product growing. Other options are not releasing Coda to the rest of the world until we get things up and running here, but that isn’t productive either. We know this is a priority and we’ll get there. I don’t have an ETA, but this is definitely a priority.


A Canadian New Zealander here throwing in my hat for more date format options. I’m a ddmmyyyy or yyyymmdd kinda guy, and wish i could set that at the account level


Codians of the world* unite, you have nothing to lose but your illogical date formats.

*except the bloody US of A

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You never did say why you didn’t just launch with ISO 8601 for date formats. Standards help avoid these kind of situations.

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There are a lot of reasons for things being built the way they are, from what code libraries are available and which ones fit in with our current code base to the fact that we’re a U.S. company and had to start with what our initial customers were using.

This is something we’re keeping an eye on and will be looking to work on at some point. It really is a pretty complex thing and will need to wait until we can dedicate engineering time to it. It’s not forgotten, we just happen to still be growing the product.


I am new to Coda, building an editorial calendar.
Your app is really full of value.

But really you should expand the date formats AND also include translations in non-English languages for months names.

I come from Airtable where I can easily localise the date format AND month names (in French, as regards myself).


Thanks. I think my frustration is having worked on a project that looked at the use and non-use of open standards and how not using these standards causes long term problems and added work. I think I’ll add this to the list of examples :grin:


Click on the vote button at the top of this thread to raise awareness of the issue. The developers have replied to the thread but last I checked it was still in US date format.

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Is there any update on this? It’s been nearly 2 years since I raised it and over a year since your last response. I just created a planning table and am already getting confused because it’s suggesting I start on the 12th March, rather than 3rd December.


That might be of interest :crossed_fingers: First day of the week Monday/Sunday - #34 by kristen

I just realized this is still not implemented… Such a shame, even tho I don’t mind organizing the dates in the US way, I still have troubles with excel and other connections that all have EU dates.

I am just starting to work with coda, looks very, very promising but I think the focus now should be to handle dates properly.

I need to check it out but it looks like Coda may have made a couple of changes related to it Launched: Choose your own first day of the week I’m hoping that choosing the day of the week to start on is the first step towards defauilt date format options.

Yes, we’re launching support for custom first day of the week today. We hear you and will work diligently to support different date time format & other localization features for international users!

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Coda 3.0 has fixed this as part of the massive changes, right? Right…?

nope it has not and in my time zone this is April 3:

it gets confusing when you see this:

and you have the same result with the IsoWeekday()

The result of this update (region sensitive) is that we have two functions outputting the same.

Why not keeping it simple:

  • Weekday() is for the USA logic
  • IsoWeekday() for Monday as the first day of the week

I am afraid that the ‘quick fix’ generates unexpected problems.

Cheers, Christiaan