Event Filter Contains

I have a table that pulls in my Google calendar. I want to filter it to show only events that contains the words “LMA” and/or “Quarterly”. I can’t seem to figure out how to write the formula… Could I have some help, thanks!

hello @Brandon_Wentland , welcome to the community.

I created an example that looks a bit like yours, see below. The trick is that you need to find text and for this we use Find(), this function gives us the position in a string where the item you look for starts. This position is a number greater than or equal to 1 and if this item is not found the outcome is minus one (-1). What I do below is looking for an outcome greater than or equal to 1

If(thisRow.Event.Find("Quarterly") >= "1" OR thisRow.Event.Find("LMA") >= "1",True(),False())

the column type is checkbox. Right you select how you want your filter to work for you and off you go.

Next time, if you share a doc, we can directly share our suggestions in the doc, but that is for the next time :wink:

best, christiaan

Brilliant thank you!