Event planner/travel planner - or pitfalls when building a schedule based on tasks


Hi all,

I just wanted to post my solution to the following problem. I built a small sheet which can do help me organise my upcoming Tasmania trip with the following constraints:

  • I can enter destinations and how much time I want to spend there
  • I want to be able to move the destinations around and see which schedule works best, so focus on the timings is important

I encountered the following difficulties:

  1. it was first hard to sum up the durations I want to spend at the destinations to get an estimate how full the day is (this is basically the meat of the story - since there is no cumulative sum function [yet?])
  2. I encountered a floating point issue

Regarding 2

If you add the formula Duration(0,2) + Duration(0,2) and set the display type of the column to time, it will display 3:59:59 am and not 4:00:00am as it should. I added Duration(0,0,0,1) to avoid the problem. At some point they are going to fix it, the more community interest the earlier I reckon.

Regarding 1

I used the hidden column solution I found here on the forum, create a column hackyRowId and set it to the formula

thisTable.FormulaMap(if(CurrentValue = thisRow, 1, 0)).Find(1, 0)

Then you can get the cumulative sum function as

thisTable.Filter(hackyRowId < thisRow.hackyRowId).RowToSum.Sum()

I also leave the link here for people to check my planner: Tasmania Planner

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