Everything configurable via exposed equivalent JSON file

Would be amazing to have ability to set up document, sections… anything and everything using JSON files. Under the hood, I’m sure coda developers have an underlying data-structure. If a full coverage configuration file was made available for end users, would save power users alot of time. Without using an API.

For example

  • if I wanted to set a certain view up, including visual spacing of columns :heavy_check_mark:
  • if i wanted to ‘duplicate’ a column, to save setting the column settings again :heavy_check_mark:

Everything that is possible to do via the GUI, should be reflected and possible to configure with this/these JSON files

Edit: draw.io now app.diagrams.net does this via Extras → Edit Diagram

(ps I posted this before, but not sure what happened, didn’t end up in the Suggestion Box. Moderators perhaps delete the other post)


That’s an interesting idea.

Thank you for posting so others can check it out and comment as well.

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