Extract terms/definitions from master list when used in current page

We have a database of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) where a number of recurring terms are used. These terms are defined on their own page in a master list and are referenced within the text body through Hyperlink([@tableRowReference].termURL,[@tableRowReference].TermName). This produces a modal window where the user can see the definition.

What we’d also like is a list of the terms used (along with their definition) within the given SOP to appear at the bottom of the SOP. Since it may be relevant to one’s answer, the SOPs themselves reside in a canvas column (this was necessary to allow a series of department approvals, incrementing the version number, etc.). The definitions list is simply another table within the doc.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

You say the term definition is done “on their own page”. Are they in a table on that page? From the formula you added, it looks like it.

How about in your definition table, you add a where-used column with a reference to the SOP(s) where the definition is referenced.

At the bottom of the SOP, you then have a view of this table with a filter on the where-used column for the relevant SOP.


Hi @Piet_Strydom - yes, your assumption is correct, a table within a page. That’s a completely reasonable solution, however, the powers that be are interested in a more “hands off” approach in which the computer magically does that linking for the user – where they indicate the selected text as being a defined-term and somehow the page knows to add that term to the bottom of itself.

Yours is a good solution and may very well be the only way to achieve this.

So I guess the question becomes is there any way to reverse engineer that and determine which SOPs the row reference in the definitions table is being used in. That would require being able to search through the formulas in the SOPs to find the rowURL of the defined term.

To get that functionality, you will need Roam Research. But with all of the other benefit Coda provides, RR does not compete.

Yeah, I assumed the request was a lofty one and indicated that sentiment to the team requesting the functionality. Thanks for your time and suggestion @Piet_Strydom. I think this is as good as one could hope for.

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