Filter Bug - Tied Values

Found a potential bug relating to the Min function and a filter, namely, when there is a tied value, the filter criteria is ignored.


Table.Filter(Criteria1=A AND Criteria2 !="dog").Column.Min()

When there were tied minimum values, all of those values were returned even if the certain tied values should have been filtered. When I manipulate the values to force just one to be lower, then the Min() works as intended.


Value1, A, cat
Value2, A, dog
Value3, B, dog

Using this crude example, assume Value1, Value2, and Value3 all equal each other and are the lowest values in a column. The Min function returns all three values, even though Value3 should be filtered for having the B attribute, and Value2 should be filtered for having the dog attribute.

When testing each number individually, the bug does not appear to be filter-specific. If I lower Value2 to be less than Value1 and Value3, then Value2 is properly filtered out. i.e. Even though Value2 is the lower value, it is filtered out and Value3 and Value1 are recognized as the Min. Same thing happens if I make Value3 the lowest value.

TL;DR Based on my testing, tied lowest values with Min() seem to cause filters to be ignored.

Hope this helps.