Filter Select List Options/Values Based on Previous Column

Hi everyone! I’m still very new to Coda and hoping there’s a formula out there that will help me. I’m creating an order form for branded apparel, and starting out by creating a table of what’s available. For the different items, there are different sizes. For example, the unisex t-shirt has sizes from XS-5XL, but the basic women’s t-shirt only has S-2XL. The Fanny Pack sizes are S/M and M/L. The hat is just one size.

I think I need to have all of these options in the size column as a select list, but how do I filter the options based on the type of product?

Also, can I somehow use this table to track form submissions as well? Or is that not doable? Not the end of the world if it’s not. Appreciate your help!

Hi @MAEVE_Des_Moines,

If we create a way to assign which products get which sizes, we can then reference that and filter the options.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. The logic can also be reversed where you assign the sizes to the product types, it just depends on your larger setup and what you need.

To add the filter for the size column, open the column menu, click on “Relation options”, then you’ll see this.

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