Filtering Rows in a Table

Why is it everytime I run this code

Codes.Filter(Jurisdiction= thisRow.Jurisdiction AND ([Adopts Publication]=IBC)).[Effective Date].Unique().List()

It shows a list of dates.

But running the code below, returns nothing, when in fact thisRow.Pub = IBC

Codes.Filter(Jurisdiction= thisRow.Jurisdiction AND ([Adopts Publication]=thisRow.Pub)).[Effective Date].Unique().List()

hi @Alyssa_Gono

what about this one:

Codes.Filter(Jurisdiction.Contains(thisRow.Jurisdiction) AND [Adopts Publication].Contains(“IBC”)).[Effective Date].Unique()

Cheers, Christiaan

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I need to change the input from static to dynamic, that is why I used thisRow.Pub isntead of using the static ‘IBC’. Using your code still returns nothing. I observed that Adopts Publication is a row.

While thisRow.Pub is just a text.

okay, you might consider to share a doc, then we can have a look.
what do you mean by “I need to change the input from static to dynamic,”
cheers, Christiaan

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Thanks for your help. I figured out the answer already.

Codes.Filter(Jurisdiction= thisRow.Jurisdiction AND ([Adopts Publication].Abbreviation =thisRow.Pub)).[Effective Date].Unique().List()

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