Find() does not work correctly anymore

Hello @coda_hq,

I am trying to report a bug through the ? in my doc, but the option to start a new conversation is gone. So I am reporting here.

The find() formula does not work anymore if you specify true() for ignore case. Since I am seriously dependent on this functionality, I want to report this as a emergency - my clients are nog recognized any longer, my emails don’t go out, and there are more places that are falling appart right now.

I have made a sample doc to share with support, please reach out to me so I can give you the specs.

The following formula does not work anymore:
Find(FindText,[Table 1],1,True(),true())

But this one does:
Find(FindText,[Table 1],1,false(),true())

I think this is down since Friday, but I am not 100% sure about the exact time and date.

Greetings, Joost

A miracle just happened?

In my main doc, this started to work just now.
In my demo doc, for support, it is not working yet.

I still can’t reach support through the “?” in my doc (there is no area to start a new conversation)

What is going on?

Sorry for making the sort of a personal thread: find() stopped working again (with the true options for ignore case).

This really scares me…

Hey Joost, I’ve forwarded this to the team to take a look. Thanks for raising!

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Hey @Brian_Klein

Thank you.

I hope you noticed I am raising 2 issues: the find() - most important for me right now - and the “?” support issue.

Greetings, Joost

Hi Joost,

Our apologies for this - I’m an engineer at Coda who works on the formula engine so I can try to help with the Find() issue, but I don’t have context on the contact support functionality (we’ll raise that to the relevant people though). We added an optimization recently which significantly sped up the Find() formula, but it seems the functionality you had was adversely affected, and I apologize for that.

I’ll reach out to you individually so that you can share a copy of the doc to investigate.

A quick update - I believe I’ve found the root cause and am working to get a fix in ASAP. For the time being, could you try using ignoreCase = false and manually doing Lower() on both the FindText and the table contents?


Hello Arpan,

Thank you for the update.

The workaround is valid (tested in a sample file), but does not work for me in my main doc, probably due to the other actions (trim, regexreplace() I am doing on these items.

I will try later, but hopefully you will be able to patch this before I run into too many problems.

Greetings, Joost

Thanks for looking into this and sorry to hear that the temporary workaround isn’t sufficient. I’m doing my best to ensure that the fix makes it into tomorrow’s release, and will post here once it does.


Hello Arpan,

Thank you - for me, the acknowledgment of this bug is more important than the workaround. Your workaround is valid in my test doc, but not in my main doc, although I can’t figure out why.
Looking forward to the fix,
Thanks and greetings,

Hi Joost - this issue should be resolved now once you open any new tabs/refresh old ones. Thanks for your patience and sorry again that this happened - we’ve added tests to prevent this from breaking in the future.

Hey @Arpan_Laha

I can confirm this is working again - thank you very much for fixing this.