Finding the sum of a particular column based on the status of the task


I need the sum of expenses on tasks that are ‘Completed’ & ‘In Progress’ , please share the formula on how this can be done.

Dear @VINAY_B_C ,

You might want to check out this video from @maria

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Hello @VINAY_B_C

It helps if you share your document or share a dummy document with a copy of this table. What you want is really easy in Coda, and if we can show you in a document it is really easy for us to show you the answer.

The formula you need is going to look something like:
RENOVATION.filter(status=“COMPLETE”).amount spent.sum()

I prefer to have the STATUS column filled with objects from a lookup table, but that is up to you. Again, if you share a document, we can show you.

Greetings, Joost


Hey Joost, thanks for helping out, the formula worked.

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