Force form users to be anonymous

I’m creating a form that gathers some sensitive information that I’d like to make sure is in no way associated with the person submitting it. Currently the questions are fine but the way the embed works if they’re logged into coda they have to choose to fill out the form as “anonymous” instead.

Is there some way I can force that choice for them? I literally never want to associate these data with any PII at all and would love to not have to rely on people clicking through the interface correctly.

I guess you’re talking about the CreatedBy() property in the resulting row yeah?

It’s hacky and imperfect but you could have all form submissions come into an inbox table, and then have an automation that copies the fields into a form results table & deletes the inbox row.

You’d still have the PII in the document history though I suppose.

Yeah, really looking for a way to avoid even having to do that for exactly that reason. I never want the PII in the history at all.

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