Form results sorting

I’m not sure if I’m asking this the right way but I hope it’s clear.

I made a form and collected results where each student selected all the periods they are free each day. So on my results table I have a column with names, and then a column for each day of the week which contains the list of all the free periods for that student. For example, for the Row for student A, the Monday column may have periods 2,3, and 4 listed if that’s what they selected from the select list, and Tuesday might have periods 4 and 7.

Now I want to work with that data and see which free periods Student A, B, and C, all share. Is there a way to do this?

If not, perhaps I can sort the results so I can see a list of the names of all people are free at a specific period that day. Is there an easy way to view that?


Hey @Joanna_Lamb yes this can be done. The best thing would be for you to create, share and embed a sample document in the community and then we can talk about how / see exactly what you’ve got going.

If you want to try to figure it out, it will probably have a mixture of Contains(), In() and similar formulas.

Hey there @Joanna_Lamb ! Im a teacher and have built 100’s of documents for school use-cases. Feel free to share a document link with me and Im happy to help out! Its hard to fully understand your use case without an example doc.

You can always copy your document, erase students names for privacy, and input a few test rows as well.

Thanks so much! I embedded a copy of the table below.

Thanks I embedded a copy of it below

Hi @Joanna_Lamb the permissions need to be set so anyone can view and edit.

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Thanks @Joanna_Lamb ,

I requested access to the document you embedded (you should be able to grant me access to it and I can then view it and give you some ideas) - Or you can update the permissions on it as @Johg_Ananda mentioned.