Forms - How to use the Select List column type but allow for new options to be added from the form?

I’m trying to build a form where folks can either select an option from an existing list or add a new option, ideally with the new option being added to the existing list for the next user.

I have “Quick Add Options” enabled in both the form and the table, but am still unable to add a new option from the form directly

However, I can add a new option by manually editing that cell in the table itself, not the form.


I’m looking for an answer to this question too!

Hi @CJ_Brunke,

There have been a number of requests of this kind. It is not natively possible to have the ability to add options currently.

The only solution I can offer is using table lookup select list and automation.

The form table contains a lookup list column and an ‘other’ column.

The automation triggers when a new submission comes through. It checks if the lookup table contains that “other” entry and if it doesn’t then it creates it.

Once the form link is used again it will have the new option available to use.

You can find this in the publish doc below.

I hope this helps as a starting point.

All the best.



Hi @Dale_Cowling , thanks for the tips!